The Right Brand, The Right Model, The Right System for You!

RENEGADE can solve the problem of the low cost, national box gym chain that is either in your area, or coming, without the costly and legally entangling headaches associated with a franchise or striking out on your own. We realize the cost of starting or competing with an independent fitness facility in the booming; yet highly competitive health club industry may seem very daunting. Why pay high mark-up fees for equipment purchases and high gross % royalties to a hedge fund that controls your bottom line and your ability to strategize or even sell your business within your unique market?

RENEGADE is a new and exciting brand standing on the forefront of the “Evolution of Fitness” that can get you to the head of the success line as one of the most innovative and exciting brands in the fitness world for far less money than doing it on your own or franchising a box gym or a “trendy” boutique studio that is built for today and not for tomorrow. Our brand is a culmination of 35 years of ownership and development in one of the best industries for entrepreneurial growth in the US. We can show you how to economically renovate your existing space by changing your image dramatically or aid you in the build out of stunning new space. We can show you how to expand your Personal and Small Group Training departments, or partner with you to operate your training department completely and pay you a monthly fee.

We charge extremely value based fees for any component of our service you may need, or can sell you an existing corporate owned facility and even finance your acquisition as we continue our mission to expand throughout the country. If you want to put your skills and passion to the test, do it with confidence.

Do it with RENEGADE.

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